Katherine spent two hours with us to help address our 7 month old baby's interrupted sleep and crying in the night. Katherine gave us lots of tips on our baby's overall routine and environment, particularly on feeding, sleeping and ways to help our baby go back to sleep on her own in the night. Since trying Katherine's techniques, we have noticed positive changes to our baby's sleep. We are grateful to Katherine for her advice and support, which has helped us tremendously.

Katherine spent 2 days and a night with us at our home. We were having trouble settling our 9 month old baby to sleep as well as keeping our 3 year old in bed throughout the night. Both children would eventually end up in bed with us every night, resulting both myself and my partner having poor quality/ no sleep. Katherine was very helpful, knowledgeable and hands on but remained professional throughout her visit. Katherine observed and advised us on every aspect of our environment and daily lives, leading to developing a routine throughout the day. We were given lots of tips on how to ensure our children are feed well, sufficiently tired and ready for bed as well as how to help them go back to sleep on their own during night wakings. She was with us during every night waking for both children and advised us on how to deal with it there and then. She was great with the kids and my 3 year old still inquires about her. Since Katherine’s visit we have stuck to her taught methods and we have had a dramatic change in our lives. The children are, for the most part, sleeping well and most importantly in their own beds. We are happy to have our bed back and getting a good amount of rest. We are also benefiting from this and getting much needed time to ourselves. Since her visit, Katherine has also contacted us for updates which shows Katherine is not just providing a service but really does care.

Katherine very clearly has taken care of a many babies throughout her career. She has a wealth of experience. When she arrived, she instantly took charge of the twins - help which we really needed at the time. At the same time she not only provided us with great advice on how to deal with the new arrivals daily, but also had a lot of ideas on how to improve the nursery, feeding and many other related topics. Overall, yes, Katherine met all our expectations, but at the same time she has a much more holistic view about raising children, given them a safe and sound environment as well as giving them a better start in life - she almost acted like a baby counselor. We also very much appreciated that she did not just take over the house, but more so gelled into the family life seamlessly as she had been around for a long time, including building up an instant relationship with our 4yr old son. Overall we can very much recommend Katherine.

Katherine was paramount in helping me breast feed my twins. From the very first day she was kind, nurturing and a tremendous support throughout the entire time she was with me. She was understanding and made an effort with my older daughter as well as members of my extended family. Katherine was completely at ease with my twins, she was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in setting up a loose routine for them. Every night she helped me with feeding my twins by advising me about various feeding positions, helping me with expressing milk, winding and changing the babies. My twins had various issues including severe reflux, jaundice and a potential kidney disorder. Katherine helped me with taking the twins to various hospital and doctors appointments by organising the baby bag, attending the appointments with me for moral and physical support and always thinking ahead so that the appointments ran as smooth as possible for me. Katherine also went beyond in many ways. She was flexible, pitching in as and when needed with household issues, which was very helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Katherine for any maternity nurse role. She certainly enabled me to become the mother I knew I had in me but simply didn't have the confidence to embrace it after the twins first arrived.

I would highly recommend Kathryn to any family. Kathryn was an amazing asset to us at this time. She went above and beyond. Nothing was too much trouble and she was very intuitive. My son (2.5yrs) took to Kathryn very quickly. She was wonderful with him and he was very happy to be in her company. Kathryn was able and willing to advise me on a wide range of issues I was having with my son and new born daughter. My husband and I have dubbed her, “Super Nanny”. She truly is one of the best child care providers we have come across. Any family would be extremely lucky to gain her experience and expertise.

We were very lucky to have Katherine come and help when our son was 4 weeks old. She was brilliant in keeping everyone calm (our 2 year old included) and a very reassuring presence to have around. She obviously loves children and this was reflected in how quickly the children warmed to her. She seemed to have a magic way of soothing the baby, and gave us countless invaluable tips. Katherine managed to set me up in a good routine for pumping, got the baby to take a bottle, and was very helpful explaining the natural rhythms of babies and how we could try and fit our schedules in with each other. She constantly tried to encourage us and boost our confidence, and was also extremely helpful with things that I never seemed to have the time, or energy, to do myself. She was also brilliant at entertaining our 2 year old daughter with her songs.

Our beautiful little girl is our first child. After several weeks, the new job of parenthood was really challenging us. We also became increasingly concerned that she was not putting on weight and we were introduced to Kathryn. Kathryn arrived to stay with us to help us get xxxx into a feeding and sleeping routine. Kathryn settled in to our small London flat with the minimal of fuss and immediately took the pressure off our situation. It was a very welcome relief. Unfortunately, the day before Kathryn was due to leave our baby was diagnosed with xxxx. It was the most difficult period, as any parent can imagine. Kathryn was truly a rock and went above and beyond what even our closest friends would have done. She extended her stay with us and stayed in the hospital every day, once until until 5am. She provided consistent moral and practical support as well as advice, which helped us enormously. We will be forever grateful for Kathryn superb care during this very difficult time. We have no hesitation in providing the highest rating for Kathryn's knowledge, skills, expertise and approach. We are very confident in recommending her to any family with young children, in need of any help. Thank you very much Kathryn

Katherine came and stayed with us for 10 days when my youngest was 9 1/2 months old. We had problems with her not sleeping through the night and me wanting to stop the breastfeeding .Katherine came in and changed it in 4 days. We went from sleeping from 22-06 with 4-5 feds a night to sleeping 19.30-6.30 with no feeds at all. The Best thing was that she did it with almost no crying at all. She is very nice and sweet and so easy to be around. We also have 2 big kids (4+7) and she was so sweet and kind with them aswell. She helped with all the meals. I could never have done it alone - my husband travels alot and i am alone with the kids almost all the time. She was my life saver Katherine was with us for 3 nights to help with our 8 week old. She was very easy to have around, knows her stuff and clearly loves babies. She has a lovely, relaxed way about her and my daughter quite obviously felt very comfortable with her. We wanted somebody to get her into some kind of routine and to try to improve her sleeping habits (or lack of!). And it worked! I had read all the books and knew a lot - in theory - but putting it into practice when you are surviving on 4 hours a day of broken sleep is another thing! Katherine helped me establish a fantastic eat, play, sleep routine that suited me and worked around my life. I am now much more confident about what I'm supposed to be doing to keep my baby happy, fed and rested. Long may this continue! Thank you Katherine.

We've had Katherine for 3 nights in our hectic household with 3 little boys. Katherine looked after our newborn baby , 5 weeks old. She was very loving and caring with the baby and was also wonderful with the older boys, ages 6&3 who loved having her around, singing to them and reading bedtime stories. Katherine is very maternal which is an excellent trait! Katherine helped set up a routine for the baby and also had many helpful parenting tips on how to manage 3 boys at bedtime which were very helpful. We will be having her back again very soon! Katherine was a fantastic support, she was calm, attentive and very encouraging of my wish to breastfeed. She really supported me to bring some order back into my life which I really appreciated. We all loved her beautiful singing voice, especially my son who adored her singing 'when you're smiling', it always settled him! Thank you Katherine, you've been amazing.




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