Hello, My name is Katherine,  I am an infant (baby)and child sleep and behaviour consultant. I use gentle methods that are appropriate to your childs developmental ability and understanding to help you find ways to enjoy a calmer, happier family life.

I am a mother of four grown up children and have many years experience of helping families care for their babies and children and improve their sleep and behaviour. I have experience of caring for twins or single babies with reflux, colic, crying, frequent waking, sleeping difficulties, weaning, breastfeeding, formula feeding, cmpa, terrible twos,tantrums, behavioural difficulties in children up to five years old.

Every family is unique with different values and needs. I adapt my advice to help you to parent in a way you are comfortable with and that fits in with your lifestyle and respects the needs of other family members.

I take into consideration your childs physical, intellectual,emotional, psycological and sensory needs when creating plans of action. I only use methods that are gentle and safe and are appropriate to your childs developmental needs and ability. I work with you and your baby or child to develope new behaviours and habits.




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